“Corazon de Tucson” Pachanga Photos

There was an amazing turnout at last Saturday’s pachanga! “Corazon de Tucson”, the organization that hosted the fundraiser, received a lot of community support and the “Painting by Numbers” project, which was kindly invited to be part of the event, was very well received. Before I write about the project I want to elaborate on the incredible work “Corazon de Tucson” does in our community. They have been established and organizing mainly within South Tucson for the past few years and have taken on a variety of different campaigns. Several of these have been prison divestment campaigns; they have worked very hard to shed light on the reality of the prison industrial complex, specifically targeting the financial institutions that back it (such as Wells Fargo and other big banks). In addition to this work, they have also raised considerable funds over the years to help out specific families with the financial burdens caused by the detention or deportation of their loved ones. Last Saturday’s pachanga event was a fundraiser to support the continuing and future efforts of this organization.

“Painting by Numbers” was honored to be a part of such a relevant and inspiring event. When one of the “Corazon de Tucson” members began describing the project to the crowd over the PA system, she burst into tears. She seemed to be deeply affected by the detention of women, it was humbling to see how personally she understood and felt the horror of this practice. I did not get a chance to meet this woman or speak to her as I was already in the midst of the painting process that evening, but I do plan on tracking her down to thank her for the powerful introduction.

Once again, many kids were eager to be involved in the painting process and the panel was finished very quickly. There was a wide range of ages who worked on this piece and it took on a very expressive look; a beautiful, collaborative effort. I want to thank everyone who participated and “Corazon de Tucson” for having it be a part of their event.

This Saturday we head to the Nogales border crossing, please spread the word and check the site for more details soon.

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