Tanque Verde Swap Meet Photos

Thank you to everyone who “painted by numbers” with us at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet last night!

It was an overwhelming success, the panel got completed in just under an hour and a half! It was especially exciting to see so many kids get involved, in fact it was primarily kids who participated. Kids would walk by the panels and once they realized they could paint they usually got their siblings and parents to join as well. One very young child, not even 2 years old, even left her mark with the help of an older sister.

One of the first comments I received last night was “I think the painting is creative and it releases stress”.

Others were: “It was cool painting, I enjoyed painting, it feels so calm and peaceful.”

“Really creative painting helps bring everyone together, very inspiring/creative.”

“We enjoyed the time we spent together today painting. Thanks for this time we spent together.”

“The only way to truly experience the wonderful feeling of painting is to have the opportunity–Thank you for that!! Love this project!”

I am so happy that so many people got to be  involved and enjoyed the process. I look forward to seeing more people get involved tonight at the “Corazon de Tucson” Pachanga and next week at the Nogales border crossing and again at the Tanque verde Swap Meet!

The Pachanga goes from 5pm to 8pm and will take place at downtown’s Armory Park.

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One Response to Tanque Verde Swap Meet Photos

  1. Pachanga says:

    This is totally awesome!

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