The Numbers.

Freshly Stenciled Numbers

2001—Women have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the basis of immigration status since 2001.

10—Women made up 10% of the total ICE detainee population in the US in 2008.

300—Roughly 300 women are currently being held as ICE detainees in the state of Arizona.

3—There are currently 3 detention centers in the state of Arizona that house women immigration detainees: Eloy Detention Center, Central Arizona Detention Center, and Pinal County Jail.

122—It costs an average of $122 per day to detain one person.

84—An estimated 84% of immigration detainees are not represented by an attorney.

1—Jobs in the detention centers pay $1 per day.

40—Less than 40% of sexual assaults are reported in the US; this figure is believed to be considerably lower amongst detainee populations.

1/6—1 in 6 women will be a victim of completed or attempted sexual assault, this likelihood is considered to be even greater for women in the detention system.

4-5—Sexual violence is 4-5 times more likely to occur in state or privately run correctional facilities than federally run facilities. The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) privately runs two of the three facilities that currently house women detainees in Arizona, the third is a state run facility.

20—Women who are undocumented or have temporary legal status will report incidences of domestic assault to authorities only 20% of the time, this number is lower than among US citizens (50%) because of the threats of detention and deportation.

90—The overwhelming majority (90%) of people convicted of immigration offenses in federal prison are convicted of either illegal entry or reentry. Women who are given prison sentences for illegal entry or reentry must first serve time in a prison facility. After completing these sentences, individuals are placed in ICE detention where they remain for an indeterminate length of time awaiting deportation.

81—81% of immigration defendants are sentenced to time in prison.

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